Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Heidi: Johanna Spyri

By Jewel Potter, ?/07
Heidi is an interesting book about a little girl named Heidi who lives with her aunt in Switzerland, until Aunt Diti is invited to Frankfort by some people who stay at the hotel where she worked. Aunt Diti finally decides to go. Not wanting to take Heidi with her, she leaves her with Heidi’s grandfather, the feared Alm Uncle. Heidi lives there for some time, when out of nowhere Diti appears to reclaim her. Read the book to find out what happens as Heidi trots along the dusty pathway of life.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Prince and the Pauper: Mark Twain

By Arielle Potter, 8/29/07

Edward, Prince of Wales and Tom the beggar boy are as different as possible. However, when chance throws the two together they discover that they possess a startling resemblance. They switch clothes for fun, each thinking that the other’s life is better than his own, but they discover their mistake when Edward is cast out of the palace and Tom is taken for the prince. Edward is rescued from Tom’s cruel father by a kind soldier who is returning home after many years of absence. The prince intends to repay his friend with an earldom when he regains his throne, but will he ever regain it—for King Henry VIII dies and Tom is proclaimed king. Now it is more important than ever that Edward reach London before the coronation. The prince and pauper’s adventures during their mix-up masterfully portray life shortly before the Elizabethan period in England, and Mark Twain’s book deservedly remains on the list of classics.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Lewis Carroll

By Samuel Potter, ?/07

Lewis Carroll was born Charles Lutwidge Dodgeson in 1832, in Daresbury, England. As a young man he attended Christchurch College of Oxford University and graduated in 1854. He went on to become a mathematics professor at Christchurch in 1855. Carroll also became a deacon in the Anglican Church in 1861. Throughout his life one of Carroll’s hobbies was writing. His two most famous books were Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Carroll loved children and the Alice books were written for a little friend of his named Alice Liddel. One day he was boating with Alice and her two sisters and started to tell them the story of Alice in Wonderland. He enlarged the story and it was published in1865. Carroll also wrote other short stories and several books on mathematics. He was also an excellent photographer. Lewis Carroll died in 1898 at the age of 66.